"Sometimes I do get to places

just when God's ready to

have somebody click the shutter."

Ansel Adams

Photography has been a passion of mine for as long as I can remember. In boxes of my childhood things are photographs taken with the first camera I ever owned. At seven or eight I began snapping images of my stuffed animals, my pets, my sister and parents . . . anything that struck me as being 'picture-worthy.' As I grew, the picture-worthy moments continued . . . I can't recall a time I didn't own at least one camera.

Among my friends I was the memory keeper throughout high school and college. Once I was a mom, a camera became a permanent accessory. I captured not just the important moments in my family's life (though there is certainly plenty of evidence of those times), I wanted to get the everyday moments. I didn't want just the 'pretty times' - I wanted to record and remember every detail. Messy hair, no shoes, macaroni & cheese on the face? All the better! My philosophy when it comes to photography is that it is important to capture the authentic side of life. I want to see and shoot you and your family as you are.

I love being told by my customers that my sessions are effortless, and that the finished portraits capture their family to a tee. A fun portrait session leads to happy people and the end result of that is photographs that capture you, and those you love, at your best - just being YOU!